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Staff Directory

  Building: School Year Prinicpal: Danielle Graber
Whittier Intermediate 2020-2021 Asst. Principal:  
    Secretary: Janice Castillo
Staff Member Name Position Title Grade Level Subject Department (TBE, SpEd, etc.)
Noreen Hayes General Education 4 All Subjects N/A
Jessica Evrard Cross-Cat English 4th/5th All Subjects SpEd
Marla Salah Dual Language-English 4 ELA, Math, SS  
Kim Ferguson Bilingual Teacher 4 All Subjects TBE
Megan Hense General Education 4 All Subjects N/A
Meghan Miller Dual Language-Spanish 4 ELA, Science  
Kali Prath General Education 5 All Subjects N/A
Rebecca Lorenz General Education 5 All Subjects  
Maria L. Esparza Dual Language- Spanish 5 ELA, Science  
Monica Jasso Dual Language- English 5 ELA, Math, SS  
Jessica Hickey Cross-Cat Bilingual 4th/5th All Subjects SpEd
Sara Dickett Bilingual Teacher 5 All Subjects TBE
Anne Cahill LDR 4 IEP Subjects SpEd
Julie Renner LDR 5 IEP Subjects SpEd
Kathleen Connelly Social Worker 4th/5th    
Nora Hopkins Instructional Coach 4th/5th All Subjects  
Daniel Doyle Art 4th/5th Art  
Thomas Santoyo Music 4th/5th Music  
Brandon House PE 4th/5th PE  
Kelly Shimko PE 4th/5th PE  
Barbeth Graal Media 4th/5th Media and Library  
Xochi Esparza Media Parapro 4th/5th Media Media
Dianna Francis Cross-Cat parapro 4th/5th All Subjects SpEd
Alexia Aguayo Cross-Cat bilingual parapro 4th/5th All Subjects  
Stephanie Rodriguez Cross-Cat parapro 4th/5th All Subjects SpEd
Amalia Diaz ELL Parapro 5th All Subjects TBE
Altagracia Salgado ELL Parapro 4th All Subjects TBE
Julie Ward Nurse 4th/5th N/A  
Evelyn Saunders Nurse Parapro 4th/5th N/A  
George Frederick Custodian-Day Building N/A Facilities
Gloria Hernandez Custodian- Evening Building N/A Faciliites
Patricia Carr Daily Substitute Building  N/A  
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