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Resources and Homework

2021 Illinois Parent and Guardian 5 Essentials Survey

Link to survey:

Opens Feb. 3, 2021 and closes April 2, 2021.


Thank you in advance for your participation.


Access District Resources with CLEVER!
Clever is a one stop link that helps students go to one place to find classroom resources. Students use their Google log in to automatically sign in to their account. Please follow the directions below access digital tools at home.
Clever log in with Google
  • Enter the following information: (PLEASE INCLUDE
    • Password: (mmddyyyy)

Click on the icons to access your accounts!

Clever Dashboard

How do I access my daily planner? 

  1. Login to Clever.                                               
  2. Click on Google Classroom app. Clever Application Icons
  3. Find the daily planners under the Classwork tab in your class.   Google Classroom Tabs


Student Remote Learning Schedule for 2020-2021

Student Schedule Remote Learning


Whittier Matrix for Remote Learning

Whittier Matrix for Remote Learning


Comprehensive Personal Health and Safety Education

Whittier Calendar

Upcoming Events